February 2013



The 5th Florida Culinary Academy Awards takes place at the annual Small Farms Conference event held at the Heritage Center in Kissimmee, near Orlando.  The Awards event will be held  on Friday 2nd August, 2013  from  2 - 5 PM, followed by the SFC Trade Show, where food and drink will be served.    


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The Small Farms Conference - SFC 2012



The Small Farms Conference Show (SFC)n July 27th and 28th, 2012

The show took place at the Heritage Center in Kissimmee, Orlando, on Friday 27th and all day Saturday 28th July, attended by a large and very interested crowd who visited booth 504 - also called 'Florida - America's Culinary Paradise'. At this event, we promoted the idea established in 2006, on our Cordon d' Or Culinary Academy Awards web site, depicting a map of the State of Florida, with Award Winners highlighted at the different points of location across Florida from sea to shining sea. The plan is to promote the idea to involve all aspects of the Florida Culinary scene, to include Farmers, Farms, Ranches, Food Producers, Distributors, the Media, Chefs, Restaurants, Culinarians, Festivals and Trade Shows etc. It will be presented as a map of the State of Florida, available to the public at large, and will also feature on the web site. An indication was shown that it has been done already, via the Good Food Ireland group in Ireland. There was plenty of Burren Smokehouse Irish Smoked Salmon; the IDB/Kerrygold Cheese selection - Dubliner and Cashel Blue Cheese, and Kerrygold Butter available too for this event for tasting, which went over very well and drew the crowd to the stand. Also featured was Goats Cheese from The Dancing Goat Farm in North Tampa, a former winner of the Cordon d' Or - Gold Ribbon Culinary Academy Award. Buyers came from far and wide. They liked the idea on what we are planning to do, and took an interest in where they can obtain sample food items available at the booth.

At the show, Noreen Kinney promoted 'The Gathering Ireland 2013' and the 'Presidential Scenic Culinary Tour of Ireland - September 2013', and the NEW Diaspora Internships'. These went over very well and names were taken from people interested to visit Ireland next year. Further details on the 'Presidential Scenic Culinary Tour of Ireland - September 2013' and 'The Gathering Ireland 2013' are available on our web site. The NEW Diaspora Internships' is also featured on the website. A helping hand was given by Francine Schwartz and Pamela Lund at the show.


The outstanding food item that created the most interest was the Cashel Blue Cheese - and as many indicated, "It just melts in your mouth" - It is very rich and creamy, and was very much appreciated by tasters, and many returned for a second tasting.

Individual inquiries from people will be directed to the parties involved at both shows which were very successful and very well attended.

If any of the recipients who receive this e mail wish to make direct contact with Noreen Kinney, please connect to AmbassadorNoreen@aol.com or telephone Florida, USA, at 727 347 2437. Thank you!


Noreen Kinney, HAAC
Culinary Ambassador for Ireland in USA
(Bord Failte 1996.... Tourism Ireland 2013)
Culinary Impresario, Author, Culinary Judge
Culinary Instructor, Guest Speaker, Master Chef
Director-Cordon d' Or International & Florida Culinary Academy Awards
Expertise (recognized) in Global Cuisine - France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, England, India, China
Pioneer - New Irish Cuisine Movement (1960 - 1986)
Four Top Honors awarded to Noreen Kinney by the ACF and the AAC in the USA
Honorary Life Member of the American Culinary Federation- ACF (2009)
Honorary Fellow - Inducted in to the American Academy of Chefs - AAC (2011)
Life Achievement - the American Culinary Federation-ACF (2009)
President's Gold Medallion - ACF (2008)
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